The Upgrade for nada..

Published on: Feb 11 2007 by Bob Bernstein

Are you the kind of event goer who never sits in the seat you purchased? If so then you’re like me. No matter where my seats are, I’m always checking around for a better place to sit.

I just returned from the Sugar Shane vs Collazo fight at the Mandalay Bay Event Center and here’s how it went. Before the match my wife and I wondered up to the ticket window to see what kind of seats they had left at the box office.  The prepped up ticket guy opened up his seating map and pointed to the nickle seats and says, “we’ve got a few tickets left here for $100 each”. They were awful seats and came with a pair nose plugs to prevent nose bleeds.  Otherwise, he offered a few tickets for $300 each in the lower level.

I said no thanks and suggested to my wife that we take a stroll and see what’s flotting around. Af few minutes later we were approached by a group of guys who looked like they were in HBO’s “Entourage”. They approached us waiving a pair of tickets saying hey dude, you need two?  I said “what do you have”?  He flashed a pair of cheap seats in the upper level for $50 each.  I offered him $75 bucks and he said nah, give me a $100.  I said ok, and we were on our way.

Inside we never saw those cheap seats. We stepped past the ushers and noticed plenty of empty seats in the lower middle section.  These are the seats which were no longer available at the box office, but when indeed, lots of no shows.

So we found our way to the $300 seats and found an empty row that looked sad and lonely.  We grabbed a pair of seats and never moved until the main event was over. In summary, for $100 we had $600 worth of tickets and a great time.

If you’ve got champagne taste with beer money, don’t be discouraged when you hear the only seats left are the cheap seats.   You’ll need some courage and a bit of persistence, but if you got the right stuff, you’ll do great.

Enjoy the show.

Bob Bernstein


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