Advice on Picking the Best Hockey Tickets

Published on: Sep 23 2015 by Leslie Lempka

Are you ready for the beginning of hockey season?  Fall is here, and the time is now to get tickets for your favorite National Hockey Team.

Here is our advice for picking the best hockey tickets, to give you the best view of the ice at a price you love.

  1. If your budget allows, select tickets around center ice about 10 rows up.  We have found that by sitting lower, sometimes your view is blocked by the players on the bench.  By sitting up at least 10 rows you get the best unobstructed view, and are still close to the action.
  2. Seats behind the goals are good, and again we would recommend being at least 10 rows up.
  3. Lower Level Corner seats are a good value, however we have found that the view is sometimes obstructed due to the angles of the plexiglass and the location of the players.
  4. Upper level seats are the least expensive seating options.  Look for center ice seats, as low as your budget will allow.

Hockey is a great sport, as it is fun, fierce, and fast!  Check out the schedule of your favorite NHL team today!  It is always a good idea to get your tickets early!

Sources:  480-361-2708 on Facebook on Google+ on Twitter
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