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French Open Seating Guide
Stade Roland Garros

French Open Seating Guide

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The 2023 French Open is scheduled to take place Sunday May 28th - Sunday June 11th at the Roland Garros Stadium located just minutes from central Paris in the south west corner of the city next to the Bois de Boulogne. At, we strive to provide our customers with first hand knowledge and tips about the major events they will be attending. The French Open is no different and one of the major sporting events we are very familiar with. We have lived in Paris and have attended the French Open many times. Since 2001, we have successfully assisted hundreds of individuals looking to find the best deals to attend the French Open. We look forward to helping you too!

No more rain delays!     With a roof over center court, there are no more rain delays!  The roof over Philippe Chatrier court will take 15 minutes to close.

Seating Options at Roland Garros

  1. Philippe Chatrier Court- Center Court at Roland Garros - Seating capacity 14,840. Choose from CAT GOLD, CAT 1 in the lower level Or CAT 2 or CAT 3 in the upper level. Your reserved seat on the Philippe Chatrier court gives you access to the outside annex courts on a first come first served basis. If this is your first time to the French Open, we recommend seats on this court. The featured matches of the day will be played on this court. Below you will find more details about the different seating options on the Philippe Chatrier court.
  2. Suzanne Lenglen Court - This is the second court at Roland Garros with a seating capacity of 10,068 persons and hosts many of the top matches through the quarter-finals at Roland Garros. A reserved ticket for Suzanne Lenglen is required to access this court.
  3. Simonne-Matthieu Court - Provides you access to this 5,000 seat capacity court which was introduced in 2019. A reserved seat on the Simonne Matthieu court gives you access to the outside annex courts.
  4. Grounds Passes - Gives you access to all the annex (outside courts). No access to the show courts.
  5. Roland Garros Panorama - See the court up close and personal.

Philippe Chatrier (Center Court)

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Want seats in the shade? The Borotra section is on the west side, so after 2:30-3:00 pm, the sun will be behind you.

Best value seats - If you are on a budget the best value seats will typically be the CATEGORY 2 seats which are located in the first 20 rows of the upper level. The CAT 2 level seats offer fans a very good view onto center court.

Borotra vs Lacoste - Which is better? I am a tennis nut and whenever possible I prefer to sit in the corners or behind the servers. I have attended all the Grand Slams numerous times and most of the other big tennis events. For this reason, I love sitting in the Lacoste Stand or the very corners of the Borortra Stand because you get to see all the passing shots and you don't have to move your head back and forth to follow the action.

Understanding your seat location - Seats are sold by CATEGORY for the French Open, but you can request seats in an area such as along the sides or behind the servers. We will do our best to accomodate you. The actual seat location will show the Category 1, 2 or 3 along with the Staircase number and the Row number. You can tell which stand (ie. Borotra, Lacoste, Cochet or Brugnon) by the staircase number. On the seating chart at the top of this page, you can see the staircase numbers.

CATEGORY 1 Borotra - Very Top Row

CATEGORY 2 Seats on Borotra

View from Lacoste Section
South Side Philippe Chatrier Court

View of the Lacoste Stands from Borotra Side

Lacoste Section Philippe Chatrier Court Roland Garros

View of Lacoste and Borotra Stands From Cochet Side

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The Borotra Section - The best part about sitting in the Borotra section is it's on the West Side of the stadium. The sun will be out of your eyes and behind your right shoulder after around 3:00 pm. There are no bad seats in Borotra. I took this picture below from my seat in CAT 3 Borotra, Stairwell 27, row 15. That's pretty much the worst seat in the entire stadium, and yet I thought the seat was great. There were no obstructions and I could see every point just fine.

CAT 1 Borotra and Cochet seats along the long sides go up around 22/23 rows above the court. The Cat 2 Borotra seats are in the upper level and are more centered than the CAT 3 Borotra seats which are located to the far sides of the Borotra Section.

View from Borotra Section
West Side Philippe Chatrier Court

Borotra Section - Roland Garros Philippe Chatrier Stadium

Cat GOLD or "OR" - In 2019 the organizers of Roland Garros introduced a new level of seating in the lower level called CAT GOLD or CAT "OR" which means Gold in french. The Gold level seats are located in the first ten rows above the LOGE level seats. The regular CAT 1 seats in the Borotra and Cochet Stands are located in the next 10 rows above the CAT Gold seats. In the Lacoste Stand, the first ten rows above Loge are the CAT Gold seats, and the 19 rows above the Gold level seats would be the regular CAT 1 seats. In Brugnon Stand, most of the CAT 1 seats are allocated to hospitality packages so we rarely ever see CAT 1 Brugnon available for purchase.

Loge Level Seats - Located in the first 8 rows off the court on the Borotra and Cochet side with the first row being a double row with 4 seats to a box. Seats in these areas are often bundled with hospitality but some do come without hospitality. Please email or chat us for availability.

View From Your Seat In LOGE

Click image below to enlarge

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Stade Suzanne Lenglen - Seating capacity of 10,068. Although the Stade Suzanne Lenglen is not the Center Court, there will still be excellent matches taking place. If this is your first time attending the French Open, I would recommend purchasing your tickets for the center court (Philippe Chatrier) since that is where the main or featured matches of the day will take place.

Suzanne Lenglen Court Seating Chart

Simonne-Matthieu Court - Seating capacity of 5,000 - With tickets on the Simonne Matthieu Court you'll have access to a reserved seat and access to the outside courts. This is a good option for the first week of action since tickets on this court are less expensive than the Suzanne Lenglen court or the Philippe Chatrier Court.

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Grounds or Annex tickets as they are commonly called provide you with seating on a first come first served basis to the annex courts located around the Roland Garros grounds.  For the first week of the tournament, the variety of matches available to watch and lower prices make tickets for the outside courts very popular. With the Grounds or Annex tickets you will have access to the entirety of the public areas in the Grounds, these tickets allow you to watch the action on courts 2-18 over the course of the day.   As the tournament progresses, these tickets also allow you to access Court N°1 and Court Suzanne-Lenglen and to watch various tournament events, such as the Juniors matches, the Legends Trophy and the Wheelchair Tennis tournament.

Roland Garros Stadium Overview

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Hospitality Tickets:

CAT 1 tickets with L'Orangerie and the Pavilion Hospitality - L' Orangerie is located around 100 meters from the Philippe Chatrier Center Court. Inside L'Orangerie, you'll find a gourmet restaurant, completely renovated in 2019. L'Orangerie is now the most sought-after hospitality location at Roland-Garros. Situated inside a 19th century building that offers a splendid hospitality suite. The inside offers an air conditioned dinning area which opens onto an outside terrace where you can relax with your guests to enjoy a drink.

French Open ticket delivery - Tickets will be sent to you via email 1-3 days prior to your first match date.

French Open tickets are personalized - All French Open tickets must be personalized with the name of the person using the ticket on the ticket. For this reason, we will request the names and birthdates for each person in your group. This is a requirement of the French Federation of Tennis. All transfers must be done no later than midnight Paris time the day before your match. After this time, we can no longer transfer tickets.

The atmosphere at Roland Garros - On the one hand the venue has a historical feel as it's been in use since 1928 and yet being located next to the Bois de Bologne gives the venue a fresh and youthful zen.

After placing your order we will email you a request to get the names and birth dates for each person who will be using the tickets. The attendees names will be transferred onto the tickets. Reserved tickets in the Philippe Chatrier (Center Court) or the Suzanne Lenglen stadium give you access to the outside courts, known as the Annex courts. Tickets are all sold strictly by category.  Tickets are guaranteed in pairs and emailed to you about 1-2 weeks before your match. 

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Directions to Roland Garros

2 Avenue Gordon Bennett, 75016 Paris
From Central Paris

Getting to Roland Garros - Stade Roland Garros is truly a city stadium located just minutes outside of the heart of Paris. Some would argue there is no true "Heart" or center of Paris since it's made up of so many interesting places, so the best way I can orient you is to say the Stade Roland Garros is located in the south west corner of any Paris map, where the Bois de Boulogne and the famous Hippodrome d'Auteuil is located. Getting to the entrance of Roland Garros takes about 20 minutes from the middle of Paris. My suggestion would be to take metro Line #10 direction Boulogne-Pont de Saint-Cloud, which lets you off at Porte D'Auteuil and from there its a few minutes walk to the front gate. You can catch the metro from stops around Paris, but I have found the easiest way is taking the direct metro line from Place de L'Odeon. This metro stop is walking distrance from the Place St. Germain on the Left Bank where you will find plenty of handy sandwhich shops.

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