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Indy 500 Seating Guide

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About The Indianapolis Speedway - The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is located in Speedway, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is host to a number of imporant races including the Indianapolis 500, the Brickyard 400, and formerly the home of the United States Grand Prix. At a track as big as the Indianapolis Speedway there really are no bad seats, just different perspectives onto the track. Some people like to get as close to the center in front of the pits but at the end of the day it's a question of preferences. The Indy 500 race goes on for a long time, so I would reccommend a seat with a back to it. The seats in the Paddock, Terrace and Penthouse sections have backs but the Paddock Boxes do not. In Stand B just to the right of the Paddock Section the seats have folding chairs. The Penthouse seats all have seat backs but the problem with the Penthouse seats is they are very high up. For those who are not crazy about heights or may have trouble climbing up a lot of stairs you might consider avoiding seats in the Penthouse. There are about 20 seats per row in each section. More details on seating below.

Protection from the Rain and Sun

The Penthouse Sections and Stand A, B and E rows K and higher are covered to protect you from the sun and in case of rain.

INDY 500 Seating Chart

The Paddock Section - The Paddock area has 48 sections across. Section 11 or 12 would be above the finish line. The rows go from B to T and then AA-VV. Row B would be the closest to the track and VV would be the top row. Above the Paddock Section is the Paddock Penthouse which goes from rows A-I.

"Here's what we recommend in the Paddock"

The Paddock Section -
The best seats would be around section 11 or 12 which is above the Finish Line in rows P or higher. Section 1 would be closer to Grandstand A and section 48 would be next to Grandstand C.

Paddock Penthouse - The Paddock Penthouse has a roof and goes from row A-I.

A, B & E Stands - Located in the 1st Turn - The sections go from 1 - 32. A, B & E Stands all have penthouse levels which provide essential protection from the sun and rain.

"Stands A and B are nice, but our clients seem to prefer stand E"

The best seats in stand E would be sections 1-17 in rows K and higher so you are under cover. By sitting in boxes 1-17 you'll be closer to section B and will have a straight view down the track as the cars head into the first turn. If you go to boxes 18-32 the view is not as good as you are looking back at a slight angle as the cars go down the track.

E Penthouse Seats - Turn 1. Goes from Box 1 - 24. Box 1 is closer to stand B. Unlike the E stand, the E Penthouse has just 1 Row for each letter. The most sought after seats are in sections 1-15.

Southwest Vista Seats - Turn 2 - Cars are cruising at their slowest which can be nice - Rows go from A to PP - Double letters being higher up.

Northeast Vista - Turn 3 - Best sections are 12-13 - Rows go from A to PP - Double letters being higher up.

Northwest Vista - Turn 4- Best section is 1 - Rows go from A to PP - Double letters being higher up.

Special Passes

Drivers Meeting Passes - The tickets are very cheap and get you into the stands to watch the drivers meeting. They are good for getting in the garage area after the meeting. All the drivers are gone to the parade, but it is a good chance to see the crews getting ready for the race, sometimes they are practicing their pit stops.

Garage Passes - These are relatively cheap, about $50 each, and get you into the Garage area. The catch is you can only access the garage area with these garage passes after the race is over. Long pants are allowed and must be over 9 years old. The post-race garage pass is well worth it. Lots of former and present driver sightings, plus you can get up close to the cars and see what they look like after 500 miles.

Cold & Hot Pit Passes - Cold Pit Passes are a bit misleading. They get you into the garage area prior to the race but they DO NOT get you in the Pit area. You can however walk up to a fence and look into the Pit are. Hot Passes on the other hand are very difficult to come by for the Indy 500. There is a pass called the "Hot Pass" which are extremely hard to come by and are given out to the Race Teams only. For this reason they are as expensive as the best seats and these do give you access to the Pits. From time to time we're able to secure Hot Pass tickets for our clients.

Hospitality Areas

Tower Terrace - The Tower Terrace Suites are located inside the oval, along Pit Row just north of the Yard of Bricks. These private luxury suites are equipped with two private restrooms and 80 stadium-style seats that offer a spectacular view of the racing action.

The Hulman Terrace Club: - If the Indy 500 is on your Bucket List, this is where you want to be for the Indy 500. The Hulman Terrace Club has it all. Great views onto the track, the Tower Terrace in the background and access to all the hospitality food and drink you want. The Hulman Terrace Club is located on the outside of the front straightaway of the famed 2.5-mile oval past the exit of Turn 4. You'll enjoy fantastic views of the action plus access to a private area for food and beverages. You'll also enjoy the new outside deck area with a covered bar on the south end of the Hulman Terrace Club, surrounding a large indoor pavilion.

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