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Wimbledon Seating Guide

Date Event
June 23rd - July 6th
Wimbledon Tennis Tickets
Wimbledon Tickets

Wimbledon Debenture Market Tickets

Wimbledon RoofWhen you buy Wimbledon tickets from eSeats.com you are purchasing 100% guaranteed Debenture seating, the only Wimbledon tickets that can be legally transferred. All other tickets are issued to the original applicant and must be used by them, as per all England lawn and tennis association rulings.

The Debenture seats are the finest on Centre and No1 courts and offer an unrivalled view of play. Your ticket is valid for the entire day and allows access to all outside courts, on a first come first serve basis with the exception of the show courts, which require separate tickets.

Wimbledon Debenture Lounge All Debenture tickets come with a swing badge allowing access to the Debenture lounge.

Wimbledon Ticket Prices

Wimbledon tickets are among the most expensive tickets in sport because the demand far exceeds the available supply of these tickets. Wimbledon Tickets are sold to you at "Market Price" which is set by the owners of the debenture tickets and are generally much higher than the original price printed on the tickets. All tickets are guaranteed to be delivered to you in pairs side by side. Tickets are printed about 2-3 weeks before the matches so you can expect to receive your tickets shortly thereafter or delivered to your hotel.

Wimbledon Center Court Seating Chart
The seats in the orange color below are the locations where the majority of debenture market tickets are located. Because of the scrutiny placed on the resale of Wimbledon tickets by the All England Lawn and Tennis Club, exact locations of Wimbledon Tickets are almost never published for the public. We stand behind the validity and authenticity of all tickets sold through our service with our 100% money back gurantee.

Wimbledon Seating Chart


Wimbledon Court 1 Seating Chart

Your day at Wimbledon

Wimbledon debenture tickets are for the whole day's play on Centre Court, and provide full access to the unreserved seating on the outside courts of the All England Lawn Tennis Ground. Rain delays and cancelled matches are a thing of the past. In 2010 the All England Lawn and Tennis Association introduced the much talked about closing roof. Spectators at center court can finally be assured that they will see a full day of tennis without weather delays. Center Court debenture Market ticket holders have access to the exclusive debenture ticket holders lounge. If that isn't enough, you also have access to a slew of dinning and bar options located around the grounds.

Wimbledon StrawberriesWimbledon Roof Strawberries and Cream, a Wimbledon Tradition Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream A visit to Wimbledon is never complete without indulging oneself with a cup of strawberries and cream. I've splurged myself during my trip to Wimbledon and highly recommend you do as well. So where does this tradition of Strawberries and cream come from anyways?

The strawberry has been growing wild in Great Britain for centuries and it was in the early part of the 17th Century that it began to be properly cultivated. Mrs Beeton in her Victorian Book of Household Management suggests it got its name from the fact that people used to put straw under the growing berries to keep them moist and clean. The link between the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and strawberries probably came about because June is not far off the beginning of the English strawberry season. Some early and canny Wimbledon caterer grasped the opportunity to make a quick profit by serving a handful of them with a dollop of cream to the tennis eager spectators. It has now become a traditional part of this quintessentially English end of June event and is held the week after Royal Ascot.

Date Event
June 23rd - July 6th
Wimbledon Debenture Market Tickets
Wimbledon Tickets

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Wimbledon tickets are delivered approximately 1-2 weeks before your match via FedEx. International shipping is available.

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