Reconsider your interest in Tennis

Published on: Feb 27 2007 by Bob Bernstein

Following professional tennis has lost most of the public which once clamoured for the sport.  The days of McEnroe vs Borg or Chris Evert vs Navratilova have come and gone.  But to that end I would say, think again!  The sport has evolved into a global game and in doing so has brought far more color and dimension to the sport. 

I’m just over 40 years old and I remember the days when people talked about getting up early to watch breakfast at Wimbledon. Or how about the sleepless nights watching tennis from Down Under? The stunning finals at the French Open or the comebacks of aging stars at the US Open.  Tennis was so big when i grew up that after watching Bjorn Borg we all wanted to buy a Donnay racket and hit the courts.

I strongly encourage you to reconsider the sport of Tennis and to take in a Grand Slam. To smell the freshly mowed grass at Wimbledon is more powerful than you can imagine. Enjoying a bowl of fresh fruit while watching a rising star on a back court at the Australian Open is truly memorable. Or watching a night match at the US Open has the excitement of a neighborhood chicken fight.

Buying tickets to any of the Grand Slams has never been so easy.  Just a few years ago getting Debenture tickets for Wimbledon was almost impossible.  Today, your just a few clicks away.  Price wise, getting tickets to any of the Grand Slams can be as expensive as you like because today we can sell you either Grounds Passes or reserved Center Court seats.  The nice thing about buying the reserved Center Court tickets is it also allows you to attend the action taking place on the many outside courts.  You’ll be amazed what great matches you’ll be able to see on a back court. There are days where the best matches take place on a obscure back court so you might want to consider taking the Center Court seats for the later stages of the tournament, and going with Grounds Passes for the first few days.  You’ll see plenty of great matches and save yourself a lot of money.

Thanks to my brother and his Tennis Travel company Championship Tennis Tours, I’ve had the good fortune to attend all the Grand Slams and see the world’s best tennis players at the French Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open and the US Open. The two largest regional tournaments, The Pacific Life Open and the Sony Ericsson Open are newer events, but their position as little slams has been cemented by their success.

Once you attend one of the Grand Slams you’ll appreciate the sport much more. Although not a contact sport like Boxing, professional tennis players are among the most fit athletes in the world. Matches may last up to four hours and the grueling pace of play and often in hot and sunny conditions.

If you ever have any questions about attending a Grand Slam event, feel free to drop me a line.  For tour packages which include Hotel and excursions, be sure to visit Championship Tennis Tours online.

See you on Center Court!

Bob Bernstein

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