Picking a good ticket broker

Published on: Mar 02 2007 by Bob Bernstein

They say in life you need a good lawyer, a good banker and a good doctor. I’d like to add one more to the mix, a good ticket broker.  What good is being out of trouble, healthy and rich without having access to the very best seats?  That’s why you need a ticket broker.

A good ticket broker will save you time by doing the research and leg work for you.  A good ticket broker will also save you money by keeping you away from scams or poor value ticket buys.

Like any professional most ticket brokers have expertise in one area of the ticket business. That being said, your ticket broker should be well networked so if you decide to go outside your area, they will be able to service your needs.  Other things to look for is experience, professional associations, and qualified business referrals.

For more tips on picking a good ticket broker feel free to give me a call.

Bob Bernstein
CEO eSeats.com

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