No Refunds, Exchanges Or Cancellations

Published on: Mar 14 2007 by Bob Bernstein

Have you ever wondered why the terms and conditions for most all ticket brokers are so strict? Over the year’s we’ve received every excuse possible for why someone would like to change their mind and cancel their order.  However, unless the event has been cancelled or we cannot process the client’s payment, orders submitted via phone or the web cannot be cancelled. Here’s why. 

When you place an order with a ticket broker, chances are pretty strong that the ticket broker or website owner to whom you are requesting the tickets, does not own the tickets you will receive.  Chances are that your tickets are owned by another broker who will sell their tickets not to you, but to the broker you placed your request with.  So here’s why the T&C’s are so strict. 

The moment your broker purchases the tickets on your behalf from the owner of the tickets, he cannot return or cancel that purchase. In other words, there is no going back on the deal and the tickets have been removed from his inventory.  For this reason, there is no chance you will be able to cancel your order once this has happened.  Furthermore, any broker who knows what they are doing will first process your payment before they commit to the tickets to the holding broker.  This way they know the funds are available to purchase the tickets.

So what can you do if you change your mind or decide not to go to the event?  Consignment.  This is the best way for you to get rid of your tickets and recoup some or all of your investment.  Chances are you will lose about 25% or more of your original purchase price because when you consign your tickets, you will find buyers at the wholesale price for your tickets, not the retail price you originally paid.

The bottom line is this.  Do your homework before you click the “Order” button to finalize your purchase.  Be sure that you really want to go to the event, that you are comfortable spending the money and that all parties who will be attending can attend.

If you ever get stuck in a bind and need somone to talk it over, feel free to give me a call.

Enjoy the show!

Bob Bernstein

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