5 Tips to Pick the Best Tennis Tickets

Published on: Aug 31 2015 by Leslie Lempka


It is that time of year again...Tennis at the US Open at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, New York.

The US Open tournament is one of the Grand Slam events, and is a tournament not to be missed.

The biggest draw for this year’s tournament has to be Serena Williams’ quest to capture the sweep of the Grand Slam events for this calendar year.  If Serena wins, it will be her 22nd Grand Slam title (making it five in a row), seventh U.S. Open championship, and that would include victories in each of the last three years.

If you are looking to attend this ever popular event , here are  5 tips to getting the best seats, at the best price to really enjoy your day!

  1.  Choose to attend midweek during the first week:  Choosing to attend the Open during the weekdays you will notice that prices are a little less expensive in the main court.  You will also have the opportunity to see lots of tennis in the annex courts as well.  If you can avoid being at the Open during Labor Day weekend, you will find the crowds are more manageable as well.
  2.  Choose seats on the west side:   For morning/afternoon sessions, it can be a long day in the sun.   We always recommend purchasing seats on the west side of the stadium, which will get shade a little bit sooner than seats located on the east side.
  3. Choose Corner or Behind the Server seats:  Selecting seats behind the server, or in the corners, will still give you an incredible view of all the action, and be a little bit better priced than seats on the long sides.
  4. Choose the Louis Armstrong stadium.  The Louis Armstrong stadium, which is much smaller than Arthur Ashe, was the original center court.  Purchasing an assigned seat in Louis Armstrong will get you great action for less money as Arthur Ashe definitely draws the larger crowds, due to it’s massive size.
  5. Go Grounds:  If tickets for both Arthur Ashe, and Louis Armstrong are still out of your budget, there is a Grounds Pass option available. The grounds pass will allow you access into Louis Armstrong, as well as all the annex courts on a first come-first served seating availability.  Check prices carefully as sometimes Grounds Passes can be priced very close to seats in Louis Armstrong, and in that case you would definitely want an assigned seat over the General Admission option.

Do you have questions?  Free free to call our office at 800-660-6031.  We are here for you as we love helping our clients purchase the best seats for their money for this tournament, or any other sports, concert or theater event around the world!

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