Best Seats for a Group – Suites

Published on: Oct 15 2015 by Leslie Lempka

When most people are contemplating attending a concert or sports event they think about purchasing tickets that are in their budget.  But what do  you do if you have a group of people that want to attend the event?  Think about purchasing tickets for a suite.

There are 4 reasons why a suite is the best way to go for a group.

  1. A suite allows the group a private area to socialize before, during, and after the event.
  2. A suite menu allows the group to decide on what food and beverages are preferred, and are a much better alternative to concession stands.
  3. The total price of a suite divided by the number of people attending allows for the price of the ticket to usually be a great buy.  Of course this depends on the price of the suite, and how many people are actually attending.
  4. A suite is a great way for a company, or individual,  to entertain clients in a relaxed, fun, and different way.

Next time you are planning a group event to a concert, or sport event, call us at 480-361-2708 to discuss suite options.

We will be happy to help you decide if a suite is the best option for you and your group.

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