Your Bucket List: Kentucky Derby

Published on: Nov 11 2015 by Leslie Lempka

More than just a race, the Kentucky Derby is an experience.  Known to many as the most exciting two minutes in sports, or how about the Run for the Roses, for the blanket of roses placed on the winner.   The Kentucky Derby is a weekend of activities which begins on Friday with the Kentucky Oaks and finishes off with the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  The Kentucky Derby  is the first leg of the American Triple Crown, and is followed by the Preakness Stakes, and then the Belmont Stakes.  A horse must win all three races to be crowned with the Triple Crown.

Here are some details of the most  popular seating to watch the most exciting 2 minute race in sports.

Grandstand Seating: The seats in sections 122-128 are the least expensive reserved seats at Churchill Downs.  Bleacher seating, with no cover to protect you from the rain.  Seats start with row A, which are the closest to the rail, and go all the way back to row DD.  There are betting windows, and concession areas available, however there is no in seat wait service, personal betting machines, or private restrooms, like you will find in the Clubhouse seating areas.

Clubhouse Seating Before the finish line:  The seats in sections 119-121 offer a much better view of the finish line compared to the grandstand seats, which is why the seats in sections 119-121 are the most sought after, and expensive seats on the first floor.  there are mutuel windows and concession areas available, but you do not get any in seat wait service, personal betting machines or private restrooms.

Clubhouse Seating:  The seating in sections 113-118 are the very best seats in the lower clubhouse, as the finish line splits sections 116-117.  Seats are laid out as 6 seats to a box, and there are approximately 24 boxes across sections 115-117, and 18 boxes across in section 118.  Rows start at row B, and go up to row L in sections 115-117, and row I in section 118.  Covered seats are located in rows G and higher in 116-117, with limited cover in 118.  There are no betting machines in the first level clubhouse boxes, which are only located on the third floor clubhouse area.

Second Floor Grandstand Seating:  Seats in sections 221-228 offer a better view than seats from the 1st floor grandstand, without having to spend much more money.  Rows K and higher are located under cover.

Second Floor Clubhouse Seating: Seats in sections 218 and 220 are almost all 6 seat boxes. In section 218 all seats are undercover, and in section 220, rows C and  higher under cover.  You will have access to bars, food courts, mutuel windows and betting machines throughout the Clubhouse.  Rows D and higher include in-box betting machines.

Third Floor Grandstand Seating:  Seats in sections 321-328 are all 6 seat boxes, with D and higher under cover.

Third Floor Clubhouse Seating:  Seats in sections 312-320 are all 6 seats boxes, with D and higher under cover.  These seats also have access to the bars, food courts, betting windows, and mutuel machines.

There are multiple hospitality options at the Derby which include Millionaires Row, and the Turf Club.

If you still have questions, please call our office at 480-361-2708 and chat with one of our customer service reps.  We are always here to help you find the best tickets within your budget.

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