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    Spring Training at Jet Blue Park in Fort Meyers Florida:

    • Types of Seating
      JetBlue Park seating diagramAll options are offered and then some, like seating inside and on top of the Green Monster.

    • Stadium seats: The majority of the stadium's 9,900 fixed seats are of the chair back variety and that's what completely fills every section in the grandstand. Specifically, that's sections 101-119 and sections 200-225, 227 & 229.
    • Bleachers: Three sections (231, 233, 235) in right-center field, they have a collective capacity of about 400.
    • Berm: Positioned between the bullpens and bleachers in right-center field, the fairly flat grass-covered hill can hold approximately 350 fans.
    • Green Monster: There are 258 seats actually inside of the wall and another 120 on top of it

      Notes about the seating

    • The Red Sox dugout is on the third base side. To make sure you're on the home side of the stadium, buy your tickets in any even-numbered section.
    • An aisle divides the stadium's main grandstand into two halves. All 100-level seats, designated as Box, are below the aisle and all 200-level seats, designated as Grandstand, are above it.
    • All seats in the grandstand have cup holders.
    • The bleachers do not have backs.
    • All seats within or on top of the Green Monster are bar stools that are placed behind countertops.
    • You can bring blankets and beach towels to sit on in the lawn, but lawn chairs aren't allowed. You don't have to remember to bring sunscreen, as a dispenser on the backside of the Red Sox bullpen dispenses multiple complimentary sun protection factors.
    • ADA accessible seating and companion seats are found throughout the ballpark, from high end locations (Home Plate Dugout Box, Green Monster) to far away locations (Bleachers, Lawn). Specifically, sections that have accessible seats at their top are 101-104, 106-109, 113, 115, 117, 119, 220, 222 and 224. Atop the Green Monster, there are four accessible seats (#s 27-28, 92-93). Inside the Monster, there are a dozen total accessible seats (two each in the top row of sections M2-M7).
    • The easy to see through netting behind home plate extends from the midpoints of sections 105-106. The netting protecting the seats inside of the Green Monster takes a little getting used to. It stretches the length of all nine seating sections that are inside of the 211-foot long wall.
    • Standing room is plentiful, but it's ticketed. Standing room only space is sold in four specific areas: Green Monster, Green Monster Deck, Right Field Picnic Area, and Left Field Deck. No standing is permitted in the grandstand's cross aisle, unlike at City of Palms Park.
    • Fans are free to roam the ballpark until they reach the Green Monster, which is restricted to ticket holders until after the 7th inning. From the 8th inning on, ushers will let fans into the Monster areas since its concourse is also a direct route to the ballpark's east parking lot.

      Sections and rows

    • Rows for sections in the stadium's lower grandstand range as follows:
      1 to 12 in sections 101-104; 4 to 12 in section 105; 1 to 10 in section 106; 5 to 10 in sections 107-109; 5 to 12 in section 110; 1 to 12 in section 111; 4 to 12 in section 112; 1 to 12 in sections 113-114; 1 to 10 in section 115; 2 to 12 in section 116; 1 to 10 in section 117; 8 to 12 in section 118; 5 to 10 in section 119
    • Rows for sections in the stadium's upper grandstand range as follows:
      1 to 11 in sections 200-206; 1 to 13 in sections 207-213; 1 to 11 in section 214; 1 to 13 in section 215; 1 to 11 in section 216; 1 to 13 in sections 217-221; 2 to 13 in section 222; 1 to 13 in section 223; 9 to 13 in section 224; 7 to 13 in sections 225 and 227; 7 to 14 in section 229
    • Rows for sections with bleacher seats range as follows:
      1 to 8 in sections 231, 233, 235
    • Within the Green Monster, there are three tiers of seats in sections M2-M9. Section M1 has only a single row.
    • There is just one row of seats on top of the Green Monster. The barstool seat numbers for that row are 1 to 120. Seat 1 is next to the left field foul pole.


    • Sections 101-104 are sold as Home Plate Box.
    • Sections 105-111 are sold as Field Box.
    • Sections 112-119 are sold as Left Field or Right Field Box.
    • Sections 200-213 are sold as Grandstand.
    • Sections 214-225, 227 & 229 are sold as Left Field or Right Field Grandstand.
    • Sections 231, 233 & 235 are sold as Reserved Bleachers.
    • Sections M1-M9 are sold as Green Monster.
    • Space on the berm is sold as Lawn.
    • Children age 2 and under do not require a ticket for admission.

      Seats to avoid
      As far as actual seats go there aren't many. In fact, just two in the grandstand have a partial obstruction. In section 208, those sitting in seat 13 in rows 12 and 13 have to deal with the elevated staircase immediately to the right of their seat. Within the entire ballpark, the back wall of the Red Sox bullpen is responsible for the largest obstruction, as it blocks the view of the field for anybody trying to sit down in the right third of the lawn area. So if you have a Lawn ticket, get to the first-come, first-seated area early, else you'll have to stand on the grass behind where the Red Sox pitchers sit. The lawn area can hold about 350 people, so the first 235 or so to arrive will be happy with their plot of land. Meanwhile, just like in Boston, right field becomes a sun field as late afternoon comes along. So sometimes near a day game's final innings, Right Field Grandstand sections 225, 227 & 229 become the equivalent of certain Right Field Box seats at Fenway Park, where the early evening sun is an annoyance to right fielders and fans sitting in right field alike. Fortunately, far less people are affected in Fort Myers, where usually by the late innings enough people have already left the ballpark that it's easy for any potentially affected fans to relocate themselves to a sun-in-the-eyes-free section of JetBlue Park.

      Seats in the shade
      Giving seats in the grandstand shade was an important consideration in the design of JetBlue Park and so an "undulating" roof extends the length of most of the main seating bowl. It covers many of the seats in the 200-level sections while the sun's afternoon position ensures that the roof casts shade upon many 100-level seats on the first base side of the grandstand. At game time, all seats in sections 200-215, 217, 219, 221 and 225 are shaded. Rows 5 & up in sections 216, 218 and 220 will be shaded, along with rows 2 & up in section 223. By the typical 1:35 afternoon start, shade below the aisle has trickled down to rows 5 & up in section 101, 8 & up in 102, 4 & up in 103, 10 & up in 104, 8 & up in 105 and 107, 9 & up in 109, 10 & up in 111, and 11 & up in 113. As the day goes on, shade envelops more of the seats in the ballpark. In all, its roof is capable of providing 59,377 square feet of shade coverage.

      VIP seating
      The Green Monster has seats within it, with tight netting in front of them to allow for balls to bounce correctly off the missing portion of the wall, which is six feet taller than the one in Boston that it replicates. Atop the Monster is a drink rail with bar stool seats. Behind that single row is the Green Monster Deck, a ticketed standing room only space. Above the main grandstand, adjacent to the press box, are five suites. Specified as R1-R5, they are on the first base side of home plate. Down the left field line are three party suites (L1-L3), each of which has a capacity of 30 people. In addition to their indoor areas, all eight of the ballpark's suites are fronted by two rows of balcony-style stadium seating.

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