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Sochi Winter Games Tickets

Sochi Winter Olympic Tickets makes buying your 2014 Sochi Winter Games tickets fast, easy and secure. Choose local pickup at checkout and we will provide you with easy pick up instructions on your invoice to collect your tickets from our local representative in Sochi center or from a location next to the main train station in Adler. is not affiliated with CoSport or the IOC.
Sochi Event Codes and Schedule

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Alpine Skiing Tickets
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Winter Games Event Calendar

Winter Games Event Calendar

Testimonials From Previous Customers

I received tremendously helpful customer service from eSeats. We wanted to attend the Olympic Games in London, and as you can imagine, tickets were very hard to get in the US. eSeats had them and delivered. We even had to leave for Europe before eSeats received the tickets, so they really worked with us to deliver them to our hotel in London - very cool. I even talked with the owner of eSeats to make sure that it would all work out. We had a fantastic time and everything went off without a hitch. Thanks eSeats- couldn't have done it without you! (Closing Ceremony at the 2012 London Olympics)

- Jim Hodson (2012 London Summer Games)

Tickets were delivered earlier than promised. In spite of my initial concerns that the Olympic tickets would not be shipped on time or would not be legitimate tickets everything was excellent and I was in the Olympic Stadium watching history being made in London on August 9th. Many thanks!

- John Ryley (2012 London Summer Games)

The tickets were perfect to create a once in a lifetime experience for me and my family. Everything was exactly as we had wanted and hoped. eSeats was a trusted source for us during our trip. Thanks for everything!

- Bob Parise (2012 London Summer Games)

Ordering eSeats tickets for the Olympics was easy, and the prices competitive. The wait was hard, but we got a call from an eSeats representative telling us when the tickets would arrive, which really relieved the anxiety. The tickets arrived at our house, as promised, and off we went to London with no waiting in lines for pickup. All in all a great experience!

- Dorothy Carney (2012 London Summer Games)

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE - especially Leslie Lempka! She was wonderful and very helpful. Our seats to the London Olympics (Football to see Great Britain) were amazing - ROW 7 IN THE CENTER. I will definitely use eSeats again in the future!

- Natalie Olsen (2012 London Summer Games)

Dear eSeats, We are back to Japan from London safely. We deeply appreciate your support to get the Olympic tickets. We may ask for Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Thank you again and best regards.

- Mitch Honda (2012 London Summer Games)

To view many more testimonials from the past four or five Winter and Summer Games and many other major events to which we sell tickets, please visit our Client Testimonials Page.

FAQ's about traveling to the Sochi Winter Games:

Ticket Collection - As tickets are not expected to be printed by CoSport until early mid January 2014, you can expect your Winter Games tickets to be picked up from one of our licensed agents or delivered directly to your hotel in Sochi or Adler 1-3 days prior to your event date. If the tickets get printed early we will make every effort to ship the tickets to you prior to your departure to Sochi.

Spectator Passes - In addition to a valid ticket, fans will also be required to obtain a “Spectator Pass.” Applying for the Spectator Pass is part of the security regime for the upcoming Games and will subject the ticket holder to a background check administered by the Federal Security Services. Detailed information on procedures for obtaining a Spectator Pass will be available on the official 2014 Sochi website. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow will also provide additional details as information becomes available.

Is buying Winter Games tickets legal? Although is not affiliated with the Sochi Olympic Committee or Cosport the resale of tickets is 100% legal in the USA. If you are still concerned please visit the NATB website for more information about the resale of tickets. At we are committed to upholding the highest standards in ethical business and provide our customers with a 100% Money Back Guarantee that all tickets sold are authentic and valid for entry.

How can I be sure I will get my tickets? This is our 6th or 7th Olympic event which we've assisted clients. We've built a solid reputation from customers who have recognized as a trustworthy and reliable source for major event tickets such as the Winter Games, The World Cup, Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby etc. Once we receive your ticket request we will process your order and send you an order confirmation. Your order confirmation is your guarantee that you will receive tickets. Your order confirmation will include details on delivery of your tickets. If this isn't sufficient assurance for you, we suggest you read some of the testimonials from our Beijing Games Clients at the bottom of this page, or visit our testimonials page which are all provided to us by our past customers. If this still isn't sufficient feel free to call our office and we will provide you with professional references who you can talk to and decide for yourself. Lastly, we are long standing members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Ticket brokers which is an elite group of ticket brokers who uphold the highest ethical standards. If you are still not 100% comfortable, we are happy to provide you with references from previous Games who you can speak with regarding their experience using for securing their tickets.

Why do I have to pay for my tickets now if I'm not receiving them until January 2014? When you place your order for tickets in the secondary market, the prices can fluctuate greatly. For this reason, when you place a request with us we must purchase and pay for the tickets in full with our supplier at the time of purchase. This locks both our company and you into the tickets at the price you have committed and protect you in the event the market price on your tickets goes up. Once you've loced in your purchase, your finished and it no longer matters what happens in the marketplace, your tickets have been secured!

When will I get my tickets?
The majority of Winter Games Tickets will be printed by the Sochi Organizing Committee in mid January 2014 and shipped directly to you from our suppliers via FedEx. Some suppliers will collect and distribute their tickets in Sochi in which case your tickets will be picked up in Sochi prior to your event based on the delivery or pick up method set out by our suppliers. You will be apprised of the actual delivery or pick up instructions about 1 week prior to the start of the 2014 games.

Wha protection do I have if I don't receive my tickets? Firstly we have several layers of backup suppliers for every event so even if the supplier we contract with for your tickets does not come through, we have backup suppliers who we would source your tickets. Part of our expertise in this business comes from knowing who to work with and making sure our customers are always taken care of. Our priority is you, not our suppliers. always takes the LONG TERM view in our dealings with our customers. We intend on being your ticket agent for life.

How does the ticket pricing work?
The prices are determined by market forces which reflect the supply and demand for the particular event. The Face Value of the ticket is the price the ticket was originally issued at by the Games Committee, in the secondary market the prices are set by the sellers who own the tickets. is simply a safe and reliable place to secure your tickets.

How can I be sure I am ordering the correct tickets?
If you are unsure about a particular event date, please visit our Winter Games Event Schedule Page. This page details the complete Sochi Games Schedule including event codes associated with each event.

How do I get to Sochi?
- Sochi can be most easily accessed by air. The Sochi International Airport located in Adler ( Airport Code AER ) serves Sochi, and flights from the United States will take visitors through Moscow first. From Moscow, the flight to Adler is about 2- 2.5 hours. Trains also run a regular service to Adler from Moscow. The ride is approximately 30 hours. While a ferry is available from Trabzon, Turkey, the ferry is not a recommended connection method in the winter because the sea can be rougher during this time than it is during the usual peak travel season from May to August.

Where Should I Stay?
Even though they are called the Sochi Games there are no Olympic Venues in Sochi. The Olympic Park with the Ice Event Venues, the Athletes Village and Media Centre are in Adler and in Krasnaya Polyana which is closer to Adler than Sochi. Here is information on accomodations in and around Sochi and Adler.

How Do I Get To My Events in Sochi?
All indoor events such as the Speed Skating, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Short Track, Curling and the Opening / Closing Ceremonies will take place in Sochi.

Getting to the events in the Mountains? For all events taking place in the mountains such as Snowboarding, Freestyle, Luge, Bobsled, Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Skeleton etc, the only way to get there is on the LTR Train. You should plan on one hour to reach the mountains.

Where Is Adler?
Adler is located 35km from Sochi. The only airport that you can fly into is also in Adler. The transportation hub for the Olympic Games is located in Adler.

What Is In Adler?
Adler has lots of very nice restaurants, a boardwalk along the Black Sea to stroll, a market to buy fresh food for your hotel room, it is an easy walk to everything. You can even walk to the Olympic Park which is only 7-8km away.

I Want To Stay In The Mountains
Unfortunately we do not offer short term rentals in the Mountains. All our accommodations in the Mountains are for the full month of February.

What Are my Accommodation Options
All the available accommodations are in hotels. Unlike other Olympic Games extremely few local residents wanted to rent out their home.

What Standards Are The Hotel Rooms

If you are coming from Europe or North America do not expect 5-Star Hotels, these were all taken by the Host Committee. Most of our accommodations are in Mini Hotels with less than 50 rooms. They are usually family owned. The accommodations we offer have all been inspected and are a 3-Star level. Even though the quality of the furniture is not the most expensive, the rooms are clean, with private bathroom and the hotels are located in the center of Adler, in nice areas, and everything is within walking distance.

Can I Rent A Car?
We do not suggest renting a car unless you secure an Official Olympic Vehicle Pass. There will be very limited access for cars not showing the Olympic Vehicle Pass. If you want to go sightseeing we offer a car and driver service.

Do I need a Visa? US travelers definitely require a visa. Here is the link to get your Visa.

Do you have a real office? Yes! Our office is located at 13951 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 133. We have been at this location for years and have no plans to move. Our offices are open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and after hours we have a Live Answering Service.

Why do I see different prices for the same category of seating? At the Games and many international sporting competitions tickets are sold by Category A, B or C. Category A being the best. This price discrepancy between tickets in the same category reflects the pricing set by different sellers. There is no qualitative difference between the two it's simply the selles who have decided to set their prices differently.

More Sochi Winter Games Ticket questions?
Feel free to contact us at with any additional questions you might have.