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US Grand Prix F1 Seating Guide
Circuit of the Americas

The 2020 has been canceled due to the Covid crises. The 2021 US Grand Prix Formula 1 race is scheduled to take place the first weekend of November. The Circuit of Americas track is located about 15 miles outside of Austin off the SH130 toll road, which you can access from downtown by taking I-35 south to highway 71 east. There are four main parking areas next to the track and a ‘park and ride’ service is also available. Your ticket on Friday and Saturday includes a FREE concert. Concert Upgrade Passes put you in front of the concert stage with a private restroom and bar are available through

Tentative Weekend Schedule
Friday Practice Rounds 9:00-10:30 and 1:00 to 2:30 pm
Concert starts around 7:30 pm
Saturday Qualifying 2:00 pm - till 3:00 pm
Concert starts around 7:30 pm
Sunday Race - 12:10 pm- 2:10 pm

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US Grand Prix Track Overview

Most Popular Stands - Turn 12 and Turn 15

Turn 12 - The Turn 12 stand has quickly become one of the most popular locations for fans to watch the race. The cars come screaming down the backstretch heading towards the final few turns and stand 12 is in the perfect location to catch all the action. Stand 12 consists of 14 sections that go 36 rows high and 26 seats across. Section 9 within Turn 12 stand would put you closest to the Turn 12 turning area. The fence goes up to about row 6. With Turn 12 stand we suggest bringing a stadium seat cushion since Turn 12 has bleacher style seating. Choose a LOT "F" parking pass.

Turn 12 Stand Circuit of the Americas

Turn 12 Section 5 - Looking Left

Turn 12 Section 5 - Looking Right

View of Turn 12 Stand & Cota Club from Turn 15 Stands

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Turn 15 - Situated in the last set of turns before the drivers make their way to the PIT and the Finish Line, Turn 15 has become one of the most popular and exciting locations to sit. Turn 15 consists of 25 sections broken down by the Small and Large Stand. The Small Stand goes from Section 1 - 7 and the Large Stand goes from Sections 8 through 25. Each section is 35 rows high and 16 seats across. Seats above row 5 have no obstructions and look over the fence. With Turn 15 stand seats we suggest you choose a LOT "F" parking pass. -The fence goes up to about row 6. Turn 15 is a premium grandstand with seat backs and cup holders.

Panorama View From Turn 15

Turn 15 Seating Chart

Turn 15 US Grand Prix Sections

View From Turn 15 Section 3

View from Turn 15 Section 3 Row 12

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Turn 1 - Coming out of the pit the drivers will scream past the stands in Turn 1. In Turn 1 there are 8 sections. Section 1 is closest to the Main Grandstand and Section 8 is the furthest away from the Main Grandstands. The stands in Turn 1 go 66 rows high and about 20 seats across in each section. The fence goes up to about row 6. For Turn 1 stand, we recommend parking in LOT "T". Turn 1 is a premium grandstand with seat backs and cup holders.

View from Turn 1 - To your left you can see the Main Grandstand Area and the Paddock Club. To your right you can see the main straightaway where cars will reach their top speeds. Turn 1 is one of the most popular reserved seating areas.

Turn 1 Circuit of America US Grand Prix

Main Grandstand Tickets - The view from the Main Grandstand is simply amazing: At the start the race cars will get into a line up in formation on the racetrack according to their qualifying runs. The race car will be reving their engines super load and will await the red lights go out. From the start the formula one drivers will make their moves to advance the 134 foot hill into Turn 1. When the race comes to the end, fans sitting in the Main Grandstand area will be able to see the winning car take the checkered flag and soon thereafter the winner will come to the podium to soak themselves in Champagne!

View from Main Grandstand Reserved Seating Area: Across the track you can see the Paddock Club and to your right you can see the views out towards Turn 1. To your left is the Finish Line and to your right is the Starting Area. We recommend parking pass for Lot L.

View from the Main Grandstand Area F1 Austin

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Main Grandstand 4 levels:

  • Main Grandstand Lower Boxes - Located in the first 9 rows off the racetrack and go 16 seats across. The top row of this section is reserved for handicap seating. There are 23 Boxes going from section 101-123. Section 101 is closest to the Finish Line and 123 is closest to the Starting area. Seats are NOT under cover.
  • Mezzanine Level Boxes - (4A/B-17A/B) - Located just above the Main Grandstand Boxes and go from sections 4A/B to 17A/B. Mezzanine Boxes are 4 rows high and 6 seats across and offer visitors to the Circuit of the Americas a more intimate, less crowded seating option within the Main Grandstand Area. Section #4A/B would put you closest to the Finish Line, 17 A/B closest to the Starting area. Seats are covered so you are protected from the sun and rain.
  • Main Grandstand 200 LEVEL or Club Level seats - Located just above the Mezzanine Level Boxes and goes from section 204 to 217 with section 204 being closest to the Finish Line and 217 being closest to the starting area of the race. The 200 Level goes 14 rows high with the top row reserved for handicap seating and 16 seats across. Any of these sections offers you blissful views of the track and the Paddock area. Seats are covered so you are protected from the sun and rain.
  • Velocity Lounge Access - Party atmoshpere at the top of the Main Grandstand Area - accessible to all with Club Level or 200 LEVEL tickets in the Main Grandstand Area..

Main Grandstand Loge Suite Boxes

Loge Suite Boxes - Best option for small intimate groups up to 8 persons
Located just past turn 20 at the beginning of the Main Grandstand area. Across from the starting area of the race. 8 Seats for each day of the race. VIP Pit Walks. Waiter Service. Awning covers. Elevated above lower grandstand, so nothing behind or below you. 2 VIP parking Passes. Full time security

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Turn 9 stands has 9 sections and goes 37 rows high and 26 rows across. This is a fun place to sit to watch the cars reach top speeds as they move down the track. For this section I would recommend getting seats in the top 10 rows for the best viewing areas. We recommend Parking LOT "L".

Turns 3, 4, 5, & 11 - Turn 11 consists of two separate stands the first with 8 sections each going 27 rows high and about 26 seats across. Section 8 would put you closest into the turn 11 and on the other side of the turn the stands here have an additional 14 sections each also going 27 rows high and 26 seats across. The closest section coming out of turn 11 would be section 1. For these sections we recommend Parking Lot L.

General Admission Tickets - This is the most economical way to take in all three days of the US Grand Prix in Austin. The General Admission area at COTA (Circuit of The Americas) has gained a great reputation for being one of the best general admission experiences in motorsports. Thanks to the many hillsides and elevation changes, you're sure to find the perfect grassy area to place a folding chair or a blanket and take in all the action. GA areas are located throughout the Circuit in close proximity to concessions and merchandise areas. All patrons, including GA ticket holders get access to watch the concerts at the end of the day.

General Admission Seating Areas Circuit of Americas

Picture of GA area near Turn 5 at COTA
GA General Admission Seating at US Grand Prix Circuit of America

Hospitality Options

Cota Club
Located just past Turn 12 Grandstand facing towards Turn 13. Capacity for around 200-250 persons, the Cota Club is a two level air conditioned structure with open seating. All inclusive of food, soft drinks, beer and wine. Chef cooked meals 2x a day with snacks in between.

Paddock Club

Located opposite the Main Grandstand above the Team Garages on the Main Straight, Covered - Hospitality
Enjoy gourmet hospitality, bars offering beer, wine and champagne, F1 driver appearances and more
A chance to walk down the pit lane and take photos of the teams working on the cars
A guided tour of the Formula 1 Paddock where you can watch teams and drivers interact

Turn 13 Trackside
Located just before the final turn between 13 and 14. All inclusive food, soft drinks, beer and wine. Chef cooked meals 2x a day with snacks in between. Chef prepared meals, all of which is inclusive ( as well as beer, wine, etc). Temperature controlled. Indoor and outdoor seating

Skybox 13 - Semi Private 30 Person Box
Open-air, shaded semi-private boxes located at Turn 13. Includes daily breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, as well as all-inclusive beer, wine, & soft drinks (cash bar for liquor/mixed drinks). Exclusive Pit Lane Walk on Thursday. 1 complimentary parking pass per every 6 people. Perfectly located in the Turn 12 complex, views of 8 turns

Concert Upgrade Passes Available

Located in front of stage
Private restroom and bar
Imagine Dragons - Friday night after the race
Pink - Saturday night after the race


Click the map below for a detailed map of the Festival Lawn in the Back Straight Away

US Grand Prix Concert Area

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Parking at COTA - US Grand Prix

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