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US Open Tennis Seating Guide

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The Arthur Ashe stadium is by far the largest tennis stadium in the world. With a seating capacity of 22,547 the Arthur Ashe Stadium offers fans four levels of seating to choose from. The upper level is called the "Promenade Level', the middle level is called the "Loge" level, then comes the upper and lower Luxury Suites and finally the Courtside Box level. Each one of these levels is broken down and explained below.

Protection from Rain and Sun at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Now with a retractable roof in place over Arthur Ashe stadium, the days of worrying about rain outs are over. Also, thanks to the roof structure, more of the upper level is shaded, so this is less of an issue. That being said, here is some advice for the best places to sit to avoid the sun during the US Open day sessions.

The day sessions at the US Open can be pretty warm so it's best to sit on the West Side of the stadium which would be the sections between 329 and 333. Relief from the sun usually kicks in around 2:30 pm so unless you've got seats in the Luxury Suites where you can hide from the sun, you're bound to get some sun. The only possible exception might be the seats way at the top on the South side in sections 339-303 which gets relief from the structure housing some of the offices.

US Open Center Court Seating

US Open Center Court Seating Guide

US Open Seating Levels

For the seating chart below:
Light Blue Sections - Promenade - Rows A-Z
Red Sections - Loge Level - Rows A-N
Dark Blue - Courtside Boxes (see below)

US Open Seating Options

Arthur Ashe Seating Overview

Upper Promenade Seats - This is the top section of the stadium and runs from sections 301 through 340 and most of the sections run from rows A-Z. Rows M and above are considered Upper Promenade Seats. These are the least expensive tickets found at the US Open.

Lower Promenade Seats - Rows A-L in the promenade sections.

Loge Level Seats - On the second level above the Luxury Suites is the Loge Levels A-N.

Luxury Suites - 20 Person Suites located above the Courtside Boxes

Courtside Box Seats - Courtside Sections 10-11, 14-25 and 28-29 go from Rows A-H while Courtside sections 48-49, 52-63 and 66-67 go from Row AA, followed by Rows A-H.

Courtside Box Seats

Center Court Arthur Ashe Stadium

Courtside Sections 10-11, 14-25 and 28-29 go from Rows A-H while Courtside sections 48-49, 52-63 and 66-67 go from Row AA, followed by Rows A-H. Want to sit behind the servers? Sections 1,2,3 & 35, 36, 37 are located directly behind the servers. The umpire chair is located in front of sections 51 - 53 which may cause some obstructed views, so we suggest avoiding these sections unless you are at least 15 rows back in the sections.

The Loge Level sections at Arthur Ashe stadium goes from rows A - N. The Loge Level boxes seat six persons with seats numbers going clockwise 1-6. Seat numbers 3 and 4 are piggy back seats. The bottom seats are 1, 2 and 3 and the top seats are 4, 5 and 6. The Loge Level seats are terrific and offer a great alternative to Courtside Box seats which are always more expensive. The Luxury Suites allow you to entertain up to 20 clients with a few additional add on tickets if needed. Luxury Suites are a great way to offer Hospitality at the US Open. For most sessions the Luxury Suites cannot be parceled out to individual buyers. If you would like to purchase tickets in a Luxury Suite, please contact our office and we will try and arrange this for you.

Promenade Seats
Top level of the stadium and runs from section 301 - 340
US Open Promenade Seats

Rows M and above are considered Upper Promenade Seats. These are the least expensive tickets at the US Open

The Louis Armstrong Court

Except for the area located just below the press booth which requires a reserved seats, the other seats inside The Louis Armstrong stadium are open to all ticket holders, including those with Grounds Passes. The best way to access these seats is via the upper walkway, which can be reached via the stairs under the west side of the stadium and via the stairs up from the food concession area between Louis Armstrong Stadium and the Grandstand. The Northwest side of the stadium is in the sun for most of the day, so if you are looking for shade stick to the south east side of the stadium in sections 110 or 109.

Louis Armstrong Court

Dining Options at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Aces, Champions Bar & Grill and the US Open Club
Aces and the Champions Bar and Grill are located on the Club level in Arthur Ashe Stadium between Gates 3 and 4, and are available to Courtside Box seat holders and Luxury Suite guests. You can access both restaurants by using our elevators on the east side of Arthur Ashe Stadium adjacent to the US Open Club. Reservations are recommended for Aces and Champions Bar & Grill. Restaurant Reservations Line: 718-393-1933. The US Open Club is located on the ground floor of the Arthur Ashe Stadium and is accessible for anyone with a Club pass which we sell separately for about $15-$25 per session. Below is a description of each dinining option at the US Open Tennis Tournament.

Aces Restaurant
Aces Restaurant Club US Open Tennis
Vaulted ceilings, vibrant colors and a casual but elegant wine and sushi bar combine with superlative seafood offerings, making Aces the ultimate dining experience.

Champions Bar & Grill
Champions Club US Open Tennis 
The Champions Bar and Grill is located in a contemporary setting with classic leather and wood accents, Champions Bar & Grill is a modern take on the traditional clubhouse atmosphere. The Grill offers premium steaks, fresh seafood, salads and a wide variety of wines

The US Open Club
US Open Club
The US Open Club is another option for getting a nice meal at the US Open. Located on the ground floor of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, access to the Club requires a special pass which is often included for Loge Level Subscription Series ticket holders or can be purchased separately by calling at 800-660-6031.


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