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Western & Southern Seating Guide
Lindner Family Tennis Center

The Cincinnati ATP,  known as The Western and Southern Open takes place at the Lindner Family Tennis located in Mason, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. The tournament is the oldest tennis tournament played in the same city in the USA. The Western and Southern Open hosts the top male players in the world and serves as an important hard-court warm-up tournament leading to the US Open Tennis Championships. Center court at the Western and Southern Open seats 11,435 patrons. organizers announced the annual event will be held at full capacity when it returns this August to the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason.  

Buy Western and Southern Open Tickets

Buy Western and Southern Open Tickets

Finding seats in the Shade on Center Court

Find a seat on the West Side of the stadium 324-327 or 118-130. After about 2:00-3:00 pm you will have the sun to your back which makes watching the matches very nice.

Center Court Options

The Center Court at the Lindner Family Tennis Center is divided into three different seating levels: The three levels are: The box level, the loge level, and the terrace level. The box level, the loge level and the first five rows of the terrace level are reserved exclusively for fans who are buying tickets for the entire tournament, not just one or a few sessions. You'll find these tickets on as our suppliers have long standing ticket contracts with the Western and Sourthern Open.

Lower Level Boxes - 101-130 - 6 Seat Boxes with access into the Racquet Club. The lower level boxes at the Western and Southern Open go back 16 rows. The umpire is located in front of sections 123 and 124. For this reason we suggest tickets in sections 111-108 if you want to sit along the sides so there are no obstructions from the umpire.

The Upper Level seats in sections 208-232 go from rows A-I. The 300 level seats are an excellent option if you're on a budget. The 300 level goes from rows J to U in the center sections of 324 - 327 to row Z for the other 300 level upper level sections.

The 400 level seats in sections 401-401 go from rows 3-10 The upper level sections behind the server in 501-504 go from row 1 to 18.

Driving Directions to Lindner Family
Tennis Center from Cincinnati
5460 Courseview Dr, Mason, OH 45040

Outside Courts at the The Lindner Family Tennis Center. There are 16 courts, and matches are generally played on several of those courts. When you buy a ticket, you buy a reserved seat on Center Court, but you also are free to watch matches on other courts. Spending some time on the outside courts is a great way to get close up to the action. Generally, matches are played on other courts until the Friday night session. On Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night and Sunday, matches are only played on Center Court and Grandstand.
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